Save the Date: Friday, April 17, 2009 | 4:30 p.m. Monday, Apr 13 2009 

This is from my colleague at Lawrence Group, interior designer Beth Trueblood.


Maryville University will host an opening reception for an exhibition of the work of the 20 graduating seniors in the university’s Interior Design Program from 4:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Friday, April 17, 209.

The show may be viewed daily after the opening from April 17 – 24.

An e-copy of the maryville-university-senior-show-invitation is linked here.

Beth worked with the head of the interior design program department, Darlene Davison, at HOK. Beth goes to Maryville to do crits when they have a medical design project, which is the area of Beth’s specialty.

The show will be interesting, and it could be a great networking opportunity!


Welcome! Saturday, Feb 28 2009 

The St. Louis design community is large enough to be interesting, yet small enough that I’ve run into a lot of the same colleagues at different job throughout my career. People come, and people go, no matter how great the company, or how hot the economy.

Life is change.

istock_000000291004xsmall  Sometimes things look better from a different perspective.

Right now, obviously, the economy is causing unwelcome changes in employment circumstances for many in the St. Louis design community, and I have set up this Web site as a resource particularly for those who are “between gigs.”

It’s open to anyone in the St. Louis design community as a way to reconnect with colleagues and swap personal stories, but especially to offer support to those between jobs, share job searching and networking tips and opportunities, share job leads and report successes.

This blog is not the place to be ugly, angry, rant, etc. I won’t approve any posts for public viewing that are not respectful of the purpose here, or that violate the rules.


No bashing current or past employers. This includes sarcastic or bitter posts.

No rumor mongering (exchange rumors by private e-mail, please.)

No bashing St. Louis.

No snark, please—it’s just not helpful. Snark is a form of sarcasm. If you’re not sure what snark is here is a link to a great conversation on it.

Otherwise, blog away, and tell your friends.

I’ve set up an AddThis social networking button in the sidebar, as well as FeedBlitz as a subscription service, if you want to receive updates when new information is posted.