Networking event at Campbell Plaza was a fun time! Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

Still life before event

Still life before event

According to journalists Diana Losciale and Mary Jo Blackwood, the event organizers, about 40 people attended, including me. I noticed that this event was one where the size and configuration of the space was perfect relative to the number of people who attended.

If a space is too large, people don’t mingle well. If the space is too small, they feel overwhelmed and don’t stay. What a wonderful way to stage what I hope will be the first of many of these networking events. I’m glad to help get out the word on the next one. I’d also be glad to pay my share to help fund the flowers, food and wine. How about you?

I don’t have pictures to post of the event, besides the still life you see here, because we were too busy networking to snap photos. If you want to know who goes to the next one, you will have to be there, too!

If you attended the first event at Campbell Plaza on 4/1/09, please post a comment here to give a shout-out to Diana and Mary Jo and their crew, who made the food, poured the drinks and arranged for use of the space, plus had name tags ready for all who RSVP’d.

Come on, y’all: Holla!


Reminder: Networking Event at Campbell Plaza on April 1, 2009 Monday, Mar 30 2009 


Don’t forget, you’re invited to a NETWORKING EVENT.

Sponsored by journalists Diana Losciale and Mary Jo Blackwood 

FOR WHOM:  Editors, writers, journalists, graphic artists, communications specialists

WHAT: A “casual” networking event – meet and greet, share contacts and ideas, kickstart your writing/graphic/communications projects, mingle and munch!

TIME: Wednesday night, April 1, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

PLACE: 1 Campbell Plaza, Suite 2B (directions below; note the white box in the photo marking the building entrance. You’re headed to the second floor to the offices of Premier Knowledge Solutions who is hosting our space.)

RSVP: It would be nice if you did, but it’s not required. We’ll have a name tag ready for you if you let us know, though.

PHONE: Call if you’re lost: 636.579.1384 (Diana’s cell phone)


Bring business cards
Bring a friend (in the “biz”)
Enjoy finger food (snacks – yum), drinks (yes, and wine) and sweets (reportedly, red velvet cupcakes by journalist Linda Jarrett!) 

****** Door prize awarded around 6:15 ******

White "box" shows building entrance

White "box" shows building entrance

Directions to 1 Campbell Plaza, Suite 2B, St. Louis, MO 63139

From East or West on Interstate 44

1 Campbell Plaza, Suite 2B, St. Louis, MO 63139

1. Take the Hampton Avenue exit and go South

2. Continue going South on Hampton through the Arsenal intersection

3. Turn left on Juniata (second left after Arsenal)

4. Continue on Juniata directly into Campbell Plaza

5. The main entrance to the building is tucked back in the corner of the L-shaped building (see above)

6. Take the elevator or use the stairs to the 2nd floor

7. Premier Knowledge Solutions is located in Suite 2B


From West Hwy 40 to Brentwood Blvd Exit

1. Brentwood Blvd South

2. Left (east) onto Manchester Road

3. Right onto Southwest Avenue

4. Right onto McCausland

5.Make a left at the Arsenal/McCausland intersection.

6. Take Arsenal across Hampton

7. Make the first immediate right onto 59th street

8. At the four-way stop sign, go left, which takes you into our parking lot

9. The main entrance to the building is tucked back in the corner of the L-shaped building (see above)

10. Take the elevator or use the stairs to the 2nd floor

11. Premier Knowledge Solutions is located in Suite 2B


Local Information:

Premier Knowledge Solutions is located on the south side of the St. Louis “Hill,” which is known for its Italian delis, restaurants and cuisine.

Illustration of party from; I would love to credit the artist, but s/he was not identified on the ladiesgaa blog.

Save the Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2009, 5:30-7:30 pm Sunday, Mar 15 2009 


St. Louis-based writer Diana Losciale and a few of her colleagues are hosting a casual networking night for the St. Louis creative community on Wednesday evening, April 1 at One Campbell Plaza, a St. Louis Landmark.


About the Event

** This is a free event.  **
TIME: 5:30 to 7:30 pm, Wednesday evening, April 1, 2009
PLACE: One Campbell Plaza on The Hill, Suite 2B – St. Louis, MO 63139
(directions will be attached to the formal Invitation–coming soon)
BRING:  Business cards to share
RECEIVE:  Light refreshments (drinks, appetizers and Red Velvet cupcakes)
WHO: Writers, graphic artists, journalists, editors and other communication specialists 
WHAT: A gathering, meet-and-greet, catching up, saying hello, making connections
WHY: Because  we need to connect with one another in terms of projects, opportunities, what’s what, openings, and networking (old word, new meaning). And because LinkedIn and emails are not enough. This is about face time.
Let me know if you any questions, and I’ll put you in touch with the answers. Diana says to spread the word: forward this, and post it anywhere you like to get attention. Thanks! 

Editor’s note: Diana, you had me at the Red Velvet cupcakes … .   istock_000005154086xsmall_red-velvet5

About The Venue

Inside the Plaza

Inside the Plaza

I ran over to One Campbell Plaza today to take photos to include with this post to help orient anyone not familiar with the venue. The name sounds new, but the building has an incredible local history that I will share with here. I was completely fascinated by the massive, red-brick building and courtyard. It’s at 59th and Arsenal and sits on its own piece of elevated ground—kind of “a hill on The Hill.”  

The Missouri Institute for Mental Health Web site ( says this about the origins and history of the buildings at Campbell Plaza: “It all began with Kemper College, the Protestant-Episcopal counterpart of St. Louis University. Situated at Kingshighway and Arsenal, its 129 acre tract extended along Arsenal to Hampton. When Kemper went bankrupt in 1847, they sold their property …  Thus, the college’s buildings were converted to Poor House #1. Poor House #2 was later erected at 5900 Arsenal. Today, it is called the Campbell Plaza Building … .” 

Wow:  There really were such things as “Poor Houses.”

For a bit more detail, here is another > LINK < with historic photos by the current owners and reators.

One Campbell Plaza is a renovated historic structure that has had the TLC of Duffy Nuerenberger Realty. They have been behind a lot of historic renovations and historically appropriate in-fill properties throughout the City of St. Louis. I took some photos over there today to help orient everyone to the general location, parking, etc., but here is a > LINK < to a brief virtual tour of the property that is worth your time. Click that link, and then click on Tour on the Web page that comes up. So, come and network and see this building and courtyard.

Here are my photos from today, plus one from Nuerenberger Duffy’s Web site, above, an overview that’s better than anything I took.

From Arsenal & 57th, the Plaza is south

From Arsenal & 59th, the Plaza is south

Back of Plaza, from Arsenal & 59th Streets

Back of Plaza, from Arsenal & 59th Streets

Inside the Plaza, plenty of parking

Inside the Plaza, plenty of parking

Charmingly renovated.

Charmingly renovated.