Meet the new St. Louis Director for! Thursday, Jun 17 2010 

It’s me!

After serving on the board for this company as the inter-cultural communications adviser (China/USA) for several years, I accepted the role as St. Louis Director for art promotion on June 9, 2010.

"Zen," gold sculpture is an International Art Promoter & Online Gallery.

It is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and has well-established Directors in Los Angeles, California  (USA), Shanghai (China), Taipei (China), recently expanding with the addition of me as newly appointed Director in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) and a second new Director in Chicago, Illinois (USA.)

Calligraphy No. 6 was selected by Money Magazine in December 2000 as one of the best international online commercial sites. I have known the President/CEO since 1971, and the business is well run and ethical. It’s aim is to “Network the World’s Who’s Who” by promoting art and the good life. I have visited ArtNetworking’s exhibition venues in Shanghai and met some of the artists represented and exhibiting at those venues. I was duly impressed. represents Asian and Western artists featuring their work in the online gallery in media that includes:

garden art (textured limestone on pedestal)
new media,
textiles, and
wearable art.

LingBi Rock

It’s my honor to have been selected to be the St. Louis Director for this respected and exclusive company.

I am actively recruiting artists locally, regionally, and nationally.

There is no cost to display your work online with Your exhibiting online with us is not an exclusive agreement; you can promote your work through other channels, as well, and if you sell a piece that we have online, we will mark it “sold,” and continue to display it, so you continue to have an online international presence. We do, of course, hope you would allow us to upload more of your work to promote together!

"The Spirit," Michael Jordan

There is no risk and no cost to the artist—you only have international exposure and potential sales to gain!

My job is to promote the artists I sign.

Please contact me if you would like to meet and talk about collections that we can promote YOUR WORK together on!

If you are outside the St. Louis, Missouri, region, I am set up with Skype Webcam video capabilities, and we can meet that way!

P.S. ~ Be forewarned: If you don’t call me, I will call you!

Sun Flower

Zen, gold sculpture by Wu Ching
Calligraphy No. 6, ink on rice paper by Qian PeiYun
LingBi Rock, rare garden stone on pedestal by Yeou Lin
The Spirit, bronze sculpture of Michael Jordan by Julie Rotblatt-Amrany
Sun Flower, hand-blown Venetian glass by Sheng ShanShan partners with the following distinguished international companies: Re/Max Realty, Art 50 International Restaurant, Novotel – Shanghai, Xintiandi – Shanghai Historic, Cultural & Entertainment District, The JC Group, Shimao Group – Property Holdings, Shanghai. Fairytale Handcrafted Jewellery – Copenhagen


Prize Winning Photo Saturday, Jun 6 2009 



New St.-Louis-region acquaintance on Twitter, MilliGFunk, sent the following good-news Tweet this morning about a photo she took,

“Here’s the photo will be using:”

Milli just started following me on Twitter, and I returned the love. She relocated to the region from NYC, and I think it’s great to know that all the creatives are not concentrated in downtown St. Louis, or the city even, but are living throughout a large regional (dare I say STATE / Bi-STATE?) expanse around here.

Tweet by Tweet, blog post by blog post, award announcement by award announcement, we are changing the image of the Heartland. We know someone doesn’t have to live along a coast line to be creative, or part of a creative community. I lived in Southern California for several years, and I got tired of defending the part of the country where I was born and raised as something dismissable—or as people often said, “A good place to be FROM!  HAW-HAW-HAW!”

Yeah, right, moron … .

So let’s work together to make sure we spread the word! Share the links, especially to people outside our area.

Check out Milli’s prize-winning photo, and if you start to follow her on Twitter, tell her you found the lead here!

Larry Torno: “When is a Doll not a Doll?” at Bruno David Gallery Tuesday, Mar 17 2009 

Portrait of the Artist (c. Larry Torno)

Portrait of the Artist (c. Larry Torno)

St. Louis photographer Larry Torno posted that he has been a client of the fabulous Noreen Murphy’s hair salon for many years, and I wanted to give him props for his own work, as well.

Don’t miss his photos of vintage Barbie dolls at the Bruno David Gallery. It runs till April 4, so get your behinder in gear, if you haven’t been by yet to see his work.

If you think you know Barbie, think again. Larry has found some nuances to the “50 years young” woman that the rest of us may have missed. His photos are not an ordinary trip down memory lane for those of us who had/have Barbies. These photos are luminous, beautiful, artful and witty.

The 24 close-up photos of Barbie from the vintage doll collection of Frank Chross are part of a project they began in 2007, described this way on Bruno David Gallery’s Web site (and here is a > LINK < to the Web page): “The new series began during the summer of 2007 when Larry Torno was offered the opportunity to photograph an extensive collection of a vintage American toy: the renowned Barbie Doll. …”

Here is a > LINK < to his Web site and blog (and I’m gonna have to blogroll him, so keep an eye on side bar for updates from him.)