What recruiters look for in a LinkedIn profile: 8 tips Thursday, Apr 16 2009 

Here’s something really good from the recent posts and archives of the LinkedIn blog.



What? You say you didn’t know LinkedIn had a blog?  Oh … well: You need to spend a little more time on LinkedIn, whether you are actively or passively looking for that next golden job. The LinkedIn blog is hosted on WordPress (just like this one) and uses regular contributors and guest writers to offer strategies and tactics to make that LinkedIn profile of yours work for you.

Nothing is more frustrating to me than to hear someone say, “Well, I’ve been on LinkedIn for a year, and it doesn’t seem to work.” I always ask, “What groups do you belong to?” If I get the blank stare (or the e-mail reply, “None/What do you mean?” then I know we have some work to do.) LinkedIn only works for you if you work on LinkedIn.

But back to the LinkedIn blog.

stand out from the crowd

stand out from the crowd

The title of the first post (What recruiters look for in a LinkedIn profile: 8 tips) caught my eye, and after I read that, I noticed the title of the second one (5 LinkedIn tips on effective personal branding.)

All the posts on the LinkedIn blog are written to help you use the site to get noticed in a good way and showcase your talents and experienced to stand out in a crowd.

Here’s the > LINK <.

Enjoy, and get busy on LinkedIn!

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How to Get a Job When No One’s Hiring Wednesday, Apr 1 2009 

20070102_nothiring_dshort_flickr_18This is the title of an interesting article on Yahoo! ® Finance today.

Here’s a teaser paragraph for you,

What’s the “hidden job market”?

When companies say, ‘We have a hiring freeze,’ that doesn’t mean they’re not hiring. It just means they’re not adding headcount. Every year there’s 20-25% turn over. So in a 1,000-person company, 200 or 250 people are going to turn over, either through attrition, or someone moves.

Those companies are still hiring but they don’t want to tell you.

Here’s the > LINK < to the whole article.

Editor’s note: There are some wild ideas in the article about how to get noticed and how to your foot in the door, none of which I would do (and none of which would impress me, if I was doing the hiring for a position.) There are, however, some great tips on using social media sites LinkedIn and ZoomInfo to get on the radar with recruiters.

I’ve done a post here on LinkedIn. Tomorrow I will do one on ZoomInfo.

Graphic from Marketplace post on NPR.org (images.publicradio.org … .)