Anyone attend, or planning to attend, any St. Louis Fashion Week events? Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 



If you are involved in this event, I’d love it if you post something to let the readers here know what you saw, whom you saw, and what you did, etc. (Woman of discression that I am, you know your secret is safe with me!)

  • Could be some fantastic networking opportunities there.


Here’s a link to everything you need to know: > St. Louis Fashion Week <


Rock into Spring: Unscene Newsletter Tuesday, Mar 10 2009 





Some years back, when Washington Avenue had a few buildings and galleries and shops starting to make a few of the blocks come alive again, several people who wanted to kick-start all that began to meet and put their heads together and think of ways to promote the emerging loft district.

Some of those pioneers include Mike Finan of UMA, Margie Newman (who was involved with Urbis Orbis, but has since moved to Chicago), Anne Murphy (who helped bring the Glass Arts Conference to St. Louis in June, 2006), Kevin Farrell with The Partnership for Downtown St. Louis, Robin Hirsch of Art  St. Louis, and me. This is by no means an exhaustive list of names, and if anyone reads this who was involved and not named, or knows someone else who was involved and not named, please post the info!

One of the things we pooled our money to pay for was coverage in something called the UNSCENE Urban Navigator. It was a full-color, cool fold-out map of sorts that you may have picked up at venues throughout downtown.

The UNSCENE Webpage says it’s, “A guide to all that is progressive in American culture by emphasizing the value and ingenuity of independent business. In a society overshadowed by corporation franchises and strip mall overgrowth, unscene promotes a ’boutique’ style sensibility. It provides the community with a portable, functional guide of the amenities that make the urban experience unique.”

Off Broadway

Off Broadway

I get an e-newsletter from UNSCENE. The March 2009 issue just hit my InBox, and here is a > LINK < to share it with you. It previews St. Louis Fashion Week, Off Broadway and The Pageant, as well as what’s happening in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Austin, Cincinnati, Minneapolis and New Orleans.

(Road trip!?!) mar_stlou_stlfw2

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all images courtesy of UNSCENE Naviator/Newsletter, March 2009