Spotlight on artist Barb Flunker Sunday, Apr 26 2009 

Crazy Red, oil on canvas, Barb Flunker

Crazy Red, oil on canvas, Barb Flunker

I met Barb Flunker several years ago at one of the Washington Avenue art walks in St. Louis, Missouri. I got on her mailing list soon after that, and it’s been a pleasure following the progress of her work—both in terms of creativity and recognition.

Here is a link to her < Web > site and latest collection described as,

Inspired by road trips throughout the US, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark and Germany, the dynamic paintings are sculptural, bold, rich in color and alluringly textural.

Milano, oil on canvas, Barb Flunker

Milano, oil on canvas, Barb Flunker

Her abstract work is fascinating to me. I love her use of color and incorporation of mixed-media, but the work in her current collection that is my favorite is an oil on canvas in neutral tones, called Milano.

Barb is profiled on the > Fine Art America < Web site, which says:

Barb has exhibited extensively. Highlights are,

Denise Roberge Gallery, Palm Desert CA USA ’08/’09

Brewington, St. Louis MO USA ’08/’09

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis USA ’07/’08

St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles, St. Louis MO USA ’07


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Vicki Pickle

Vicki Pickle